firstbadhabit asked: Hi. Could you please tell me the name of the episode where they have like a flashback or something of the girls moving in? Like I remember there's a scene where Rose sees the flyer at a store :)

Sure. :) It’s called “The Way We Met” and it’s from season 1, episode 25.

Super Golden Friends

I usually don’t reblog, but my boyfriend posted this and of course it’s awesome. I mean, it combines my Girls and his superheroes. What’s not to like?

I had a dream that Nick Carter, and the rest of BSB, came to my house last night. Nick told me to sing a part of one of their songs because they wanted me on tour with them (but i ended up singing an n’sync song.. idk) and then he started kissing me. I got to sing in front of my first love ever and then make out with him. I’ll just pretend that actually happened. My boyfriend won’t mind.